Mie and other contributions


Plus button – add new contribution,

plot button – plot the sum of all contributions,

cross button – delete the last contribution in the list.


Each contribution has the type, a number of parameters and individual plot button.

Possible contributions and thier parameters:

  1. ConstBkg – constant background addition

    1.1. shift

  2. LinearBkg – linear background addition (see mstm_studio.contributions.LinearBackground)

    2.1. shift

    2.2. slope

  3. LorentzBackground – background contribution mimicing UV-absorbtion of silica glass (see mstm_studio.contributions.LorentzBackground) with center at ~ 250 nm.

    3.1. scale

    3.2. peak width \(\Gamma\)

  4. Mie single – extinction of single sphere (see mstm_studio.contributions.MieSingleSphere)

    4.2. scale

    4.3. diameter (in nm)

    4.4. material label

    Note: the enviromnent material will be taken from Matrix field of Spheres panel.

  5. Mie LN – extinction of ensemble of non-interacting spheres with sizes disributed accordint to Log-Normal (LN) law (see mstm_studio.contributions.MieLognormSpheres). Actually, the cached version of the class optimized for the fitting is used.

    5.1. scale

    5.2. LN parameter \(\mu\)

    5.3. LN parameter \(\sigma\)

    The new plot button will show the size distribution:


    Note: the window may require widening to show all the parameters and buttons.

  6. Lorentz peak – Lorentzian function (see mstm_studio.contributions.LorentzPeak)

    6.1. scale

    6.2. center

    6.3. width

  7. Gauss peak – Gaussian function (see mstm_studio.contributions.GaussPeak)

    7.1. scale

    7.2. center

    7.3. width

  8. Au film – not implemented

  9. bst-3Au/glass – not implemented